Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

It’s all about adopting best practices. Being Respectful. Pure Professionalism.

Work together with technology and relationships to help build a better future.

  • We uphold our values of integrity in everything we do through trust, mutual respect and ethical behavior
  • We conform to policies and procedures of ComNav, and strive to adopt best practices where possible
  • We hold each other at ComNav accountable to this Code, and table any violations immediately
  • We treat each other and our stakeholders with fairness and honesty.
  • We follow the laws of the countries where we do business
  • We disclose any conflicts of interest.

Application of high ethical standards is essential and embedded into our culture and operations.   It is not meant to be easy… but the beacon of light that always shines upon us gives us A Clear Direction.

We treat each other with Mutual Respect and hold each other at ComNav accountable to this Code.  Teamwork embracing technology coupled with multi-faceted relationships committed to build a better future is what it takes. We seek to lead with authenticity.

Not everyone sees the world from the same lenses so our work has its challenges.   Our principle is simple… No compromise on ethical and fair decision making. No Compromise on Safety.

Whether we deal with government officials, intellectual property or confidentiality, our business in built on trust without compromising our principles. Our customers and communities worldwide where we do business, expect our Conduct to be Ethical at its Core and reliable.  Our goal is to be predictable and to Exceed Client’s Expectations.

Our employees, shareholders and stakeholders also believe in our Conduct being immersed in an Ethical Work Environment covering all aspects of our business management. This Code of Conduct applies to all at ComNav… officers, directors and all employees.  We at ComNav will also endorse this Code of Conduct in our supplier and vendor dealings, along with our corporate partners.   If there is any doubt between our Code policies and adherence to laws, the applicable laws will override.

ComNav cannot condone any behavior that involves inappropriate payments and dealings with public officials including employees, agents of national, regional and municipal governments and employees of government owned enterprises and anyone acting on their behalf. Our core values include high ethical Standards Embracing Truthfulness and Honesty. We believe in earning our business by our reputation, credibility, relationships, world class solutions and performance by customer experiences.

Our relationships are far reaching in this small world.  Whether there is a Conflict of Interest at work with our personal lives, or one with a corporate relationship, immediate disclosure and appropriate third party management must be conducted to avoid conflicts that may affect judgement.  Professionalism is at the heart of our judgement.

We Believe in Fairness and complying with competition laws everywhere we do business.  We recognize business enterprises are regulated by anti-trust laws.

The backbone of ComNav are our employees, related know-how and innovation, all of which encompass our Ingenuity in Motion.  We take protection and confidentiality of our intellectual property seriously, whether it be our processes, patents, encryptions, software algorithms, trademarks, trade secrets, brands, or designs.  Proprietary knowledge is best preserved as a secret.

Maintaining ethical and transparent relationships with our supplier partners strengthen our ComNav team.  Our suppliers are expected to have the values and high standards that are outlined in our Code, adhering to the laws, regulations and certifications. When managing a relationship with an existing supplier or selecting a new supplier, we follow ComNav’s purchasing procedures which embrace openness in our interactions, while not accepting gifts or entertainment beyond our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on Gift and Hospitality.

We are confidently active in well over 130 countries around the world delivering universal global solutions and our reach is increasing to more countries.   When operating on such an international scope, our policies and procedures are customer satisfaction designed to deliver products, services, and solutions across borders which are regulated by national and international laws.  Our policies are catered towards customer sensitivity while recognizing exchange of information and applications for different nations fall under different and sometimes strict regulations.   We Comply with All Applicable Trade Compliance Laws, regulations including export controls and sanctions.

We strive for a supportive, Healthy and Safe Workplace Environment that secures a balanced emotional and physical well being.  Continuous improvement processes are regularly updated to meet and /or exceed the standards of labor regulation and employee benefits.   Additionally, we expect our dealer network, suppliers and contractors to adopt similar respectful workplace environments.  Our customers are also viewed as an extension of our ComNav global community so we also work hard to make doing business with ComNav easy, safe and stress free.

Best Practices on reporting and representation, including honesty and professional conduct are core to our principles in governing and complying with Canadian IFRS Accounting Standards.

Our employees guide our future and are the main reason for our dynamic success.   We foster an Employee Culture of Mutual Respect cultivating diversity, whether it be ethnic, race, religion, age or other demographic characteristic.  We support individual and collective achievements and celebrate corporate milestones.   In terms of recruitment, retention, promotion and training, we pledge our commitment to complying with all applicable labor employment standards and regulations.   Our commitment includes, best practices on matters involving, wages, work hours, immigration, privacy and anti-discrimination laws.   Our managers and employee guidance on decision-making is outlined in our internal ComNav Employee Policies and SOP.

Every individual deserves an equal opportunity on access to fundamental human rights.  We are Committed to the Human Rights principles laid out by United Nations and we expect our supplier and corporate partners to share similar core values.  We seek to ensure materials used in our products come from socially responsible sources and processes. We do not endorse, tolerate or contribute to any activity that fuels conflict, or violates fundamental human rights.

We believe that protecting our resources… water, air and forests is critically important to a sustainable future for many generations to come.  We are committed to designing and manufacturing environmental friendly and fuel saving products to support our customers.  Our business embraces environmental considerations into our planning, operations and continuous improvement.  Environmental Stewardship is part of our core.

Code of Conduct

Employee Responsibility

  • Read, understand and follow the ComNav Employee Policies and SOP
  • Read, understand and follow the ComNav Code of Conduct
  • Promptly report violation to either one of your supervisor, VP Operations, HR Administrator, President for assistance
  • Clearly know when to seek assistance or request training
  • Avoid conflict and retaliation with any person for raising a concern
  • Cooperate fully and transparently in all reviews and investigations
  • Avoid any practice that may lead to unlawful and unethical conduct
  • Immediately work together to prevent harm to the company’s reputation
  • In the event of an Anonymous report of a violation, provide adequate details and address to President

Manager’s Responsibility

  • Encourage a workplace environment in which employees uphold the ComNav Code of Conduct

Avoid conflict and retaliation with any person for raising a concern.  One of the principles of the Code of Conduct is to cultivate a safe working environment and employees must feel comfortable for raising concerns in good faith about potential violations of the Code of Conduct. Employees that raise concerns that the code is breached must not face any negative repercussions for doing so.  Anyone who retaliates against another employee for raising a concern will be subject to strict discipline.   Any reporting of violation will be investigated seriously, with a neutral auditor, and in the event of violation, Corrective Action and Discipline will be executed and feedback will be shared (respecting confidentiality) with the person who reported the violation.   Before any disciplinary decision is made, the employee(s) under investigation will be given the opportunity to present any relevant information that applies to his or her case.  All in all, the goal is for the individual, the team and the company to adhere to high Code of Conduct standards.

This process all pertains to the health of the company.   We work together to maintain ComNav’s reputation as a well respected and trusted company.